My Own Book of Awesome

I've been writing in one form or another for the majority of my life. I remember writing my first fiction when I was ten. It was about two purple birds. I don't remember what they got up to but I do remember how awesome it was to let my imagination run wild on paper. I've dabbled in journaling on and off since I was little but I've never really stuck with it. For some reason putting pen to paper seems so permanent (unlike the internet somehow). My logical side struggles with the fact that there is no real beginning or end. I've also realized that journaling distracts me from the present. I find myself wandering between past and future, ifs, buts, could/should have beens and maybes - a space that I'd rather not hold. 


This past Christmas, my mom gave me this awesome notebook. At first I thought it would make a great journal, but that would likely mean writing a couple of entries in it and then sentencing it to a life on the shelf to remain 98% empty for eternity.

I debated on what I could use it for because clearly cartoon Bill Murray would be disappointed if I filled it with typical notebooky stuff like hexcodes, character counts and random words that only have meaning for 5 minutes. The cover begs for this book to be filled with awesome things. So I decided to write my own "book of awesome." At the end of each day, I write down the date and something awesome that happened that day. This simple act of expressing my appreciation for the awesome things helps to keep me mindful and present - a space I'd rather be.