Cleaning Without Chemicals

According to the calendar, spring is here. While I remain skeptical of its arrival, it's about that time when people tend to purge winter from their homes with the annual tradition of spring cleaning. Before you bust out the Windex and Mr. Clean or "wash the entire room" with febreze, take a look at that ingredient label and oh, those CAUTION warnings & poison control instructions.

Clearly your intention isn't to drink the stuff, but what about your skin and respiratory system? Our skin absorbs everything it touches. And breathing in a variety of the 75 000 various chemicals found in cleaning products while you scrub down your home can really irritate your nose, throat and lungs. Oh, and only 10% of those chemicals have been tested for health effects - yikes! Using natural cleaning products in your home is a great way to cut down your exposure to chemicals and reduce the stress they place on your body. 

It is possible to effectively clean your home without harsh chemicals using stuff that you probably have in your kitchen like vinegar, lemons, olive oil and baking soda. If you're curious about making your own cleaning products, check out this handy-dandy list of super easy Spring Cleaning recipes from the Canadian Health Food Association: 

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Do you clean your home with natural cleaning products? Got a favourite recipe? I'd love to hear about it.