The No Snooze Experiment

I’ve always been deeply, madly in love with sleep. My sleepy self has been addicted to hitting the snooze button for as long as I can remember. I’m also guilty of setting multiple alarms because honestly, sometimes I don’t even hear the first one for fifteen minutes. 

All is Calm

Fall has always been my favourite season. But Winter is an exceptionally close second. Every year when the weather gets colder and there's legit snow on the ground, I feel a sense of contentment that can only come with this season. 

Burn & Glow

Sometimes, things fail. Ideas. Health. Partnerships. Relationships. Sometimes we get in our own way before we even give something the opportunity to fail. Maybe we convince ourselves it might fail, so we sabotage it. Or let our fears get the better of us and just hold on to something instead of putting it out into the world. Or we suffocate it with expectations. Maybe we starve it by focusing our attention elsewhere. 

When You Have No Words (and all the words)

Tonight is moody. It's raining. The state of the world is terrifying. The perfect recipe for an extended existential fog. Which, honestly, started rolling in long before the dusk. Thoughts and ideas appear but they don't linger long enough to actually make sense before the next forces it's way into your mind, fighting for your attention and stifling your creativity. 

Cold Brew & Cashews

I've never a been breakfast eater. As a nutritionist, I know I should probably eat before 10 (or sometimes even noon) but most days, it's a real challenge. In my quest to get some nutrients and calories into my body other than an apple or tea, I discovered the cashew latte.

The Beauty of Rituals

I've recently fallen in love with a new skin care routine ritual. One that's quiet, still and calm. And actually doesn't irritate the hell out of my crazy sensitive skin like scrubs, masks and moisturizers can. Herbal facial steaming - basically a bowl of hot water with herbs and flowers. Doesn't sound that magical, but the magic isn't in the task. It's in the action of completing said task.

Moving Towards Meaningfulness

In 2017, I want to create more space and time for the things that matter to me. I want space to practice, space to create and master my crafts, time to spend sharing experiences with loved ones, and time to recharge my introvert batteries by doing nothing (and not thinking about all the stuff I "should" be doing). So what's in the way? Stuff. So much stuff. 

I've always admired yogis who were able to do headstands. They always seem so strong, so confident, almost magical. Even though I've been practicing asanas for years, the idea of being in a headstand was terrifying to me. Flipping the world upside-down, the possibility of injury to my precious spine, and other people seeing me fail always kept me from even attempting it.